Presidential Awards

    KLA Presidential Awards

    It is the goal of the KLA President’s Awards Committee to honor exemplary service to the Kansas library community and/or to librarianship in general by individuals and institutions.

    Please consider nominating a colleague or colleagues who you believe, have provided outstanding and/or exemplary service in our Kansas Libraries.

    Nominate your colleague for a 2020 KLA President’s Award!! 

    Deadline: September 15th, 2020

    Award Selection: September 30th, 2020

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    For more information, contact: 

    Laurel Littrell, KLA Past President
    7145 Cedar Creek Road
    Manhattan, KS 66502

    About The Awards

    The KLA Library Advocate Award recognizes distinguished service to the Kansas library community by someone not employed in library service.

    The KLA New Professional Award recognizes distinguished service to librarians who earned a professional degree within the last five years and are employed in library service.

    The Library Personnel Award awards distinguished service from employees currently in or recently retired from library service.

    The Meritorious Service Award is presented to those who have provided exemplary library service. 


    2020 Presidential Awards: 

    • Library Advocate -- Clarice Hostetler, Dodge City, Kansas
    • New Professional -- Addison Lucchi, MidAmerica Nazarene University
    • Library Personnel -- Caroyln Olson, Horton Public Library
    • Meritorious Service -- Carol Berta, North Central Kansas Library System
    • Best Small LIbrary Award: Atwood Public Library

    2019 Presidential Awards: 

    • New Professional -- Maggie Witte, Talking Book Service, State Library of Kansas
    • Library Personnel -- Dian Burns, Director of the Bird City Public Library
    • Library Advocate -- Bill Morris, architect
    • Meritorious Service -- George and Shelia Blume
    • Best Small Public Library Award in Kansas: Hamilton County Library (Syracuse)

    2018 Presidential Awards: 

    • Library Advocate – Dave Jones
    • Library Personnel – Ramie Schulteis
    • New Professional – Katherine Jones
    • Meritorious Service – Jennifer Schroeder
    • Best Small Public Library Award in Kansas: Ashland City Library

    2017 Presidential Awards:

    • Library Advocate – Don Barry & Nancy Keith
    • Library Personnel – Phylis Coomes
    • New Professional – Jason Robb
    • Meritorious Service – Harry Willems
    • Best Small Public Library Award in Kansas: Cimarron City Public Library

    2016 Presidential Awards:

    • Library Advocates – Rep. Tom Sawyer and Rep. Don Hineman
    • New Professional – Sara Dixon
    • Library Personnel – Polli Kenn
    • Meritorious Service – Chris Rippel
    • Best Small Public Library Award in Kansas: Horton Public Library 

    2015 Presidential Awards:

    • Library Advocate – Senator Pat Pettey
    • New Professional – Lauren Hays
    • Library Personnel – Rhonda Machlan
    • Meritorious Service – Kathy Rippel
    • Best Small Public Library Award in Kansas: Hesston Public Library 

    2014 Presidential Awards:

    • Library Advocate – Richard Crowson
    • New Professional – Savannah Ball
    • Library Personnel – Julie Tomlianovich
    • Meritorious Service – Jim Minges
    • Best Small Public Library Award in Kansas: Wamego Public Library 

    2013 Presidential Awards:

    • Library Advocate – Sue Blechl
    • Library Personnel – Charlene McGuire
    • Meritorious Service – Marquita Boehnke
    • Meritorious Service – Roy Bird
    • New Professional – Caleb May
    • Best Small Public Library Award in Kansas: Kinsley Library 

    2012 Presidential Awards:

    • Library Advocate – Dr. Marshall Havenhill
    • Library Personnel – Kathleen Morgan
    • Meritorious Service – Cindi Hickey
    • Meritorious Service- Donna Lauffer
    • New Professional – Kate Wise
    • Best Small Public Library Award in Kansas: Garnett Public Library

    2011 Presidential Awards:

    Library Advocate – Senator Jean Kurtis Schodorf
    Library Personnel – Jaime Prothro
    Meritorious Service – Fred Atchison
    Meritorious Service- Laura DeBaun
    New Professional – Megan Schulz

    2010 Presidential Awards:

    Library Advocate – Wichita Mayor Carl Brewer
    Library Personnel – Marc Galbraith
    Meritorious Service – Cindy Roupe
    Meritorious Service – Lorie Hyten
    New Professional – Heather Braum

    2009 Presidential Awards:

    Library Advocate – Vicki Tiarht
    New Professional – Eric Gustafson
    Meritorious Service – Janet Fowler
    Library Personnel – Jean Hatfield

    2008 Presidential Awards:

    Library Advocate – Michael Byington
    New Professional – Andrew Evans
    Meritorious Service – Rosanne Siemens
    Meritorious Service – Wichita Public Library Staff
    Lifetime Achievement – Vikki Jo Stewart

    2007 Presidential Awards:

    Library Advocate – Craig Penzler
    Library Advocate Statewide – Representative Geraldine Flaharty
    New Professional – Royce Kitts
    Meritorious Conduct – Carol Nazar
    Lifetime Achievement – Jane Hatch
    Library Personnel – Wichita Public Library Staff

    2006 Presidential Awards:

    New Professional – Jaime Prothro
    Meritorious Service – Midge Jones
    Library Personnel – Barbara Dew

    2005 Presidential Awards:

    Library Advocate – Marge Zachora
    Meritorious Service – Denise Smith
    Library Personnel – Jim Minges

    2004 Presidential Awards:

    Library Advocate – Joe Rodriquez
    New Professional – Thomas Reddick
    Meritorious Service – Terry Sartoriour

    2003 Presidential Awards:

    Library Advocate – Lois Ruby
    New Professional – Kate Capps
    Meritorious Service – John and Susan Howell
    Meritorious Service – Edwin E. Francis
    Meritorious Service – Staff of Hutchinson Public Library and South Central Kansas Library System
    Library Personnel – John Stratton
    Library Personnel – Leroy Gattin

    2002 Presidential Awards:

    Library Advocate – Lt. Governor Gary Sherrer
    Library Personnel – Mona Carmack
    New Professional – Helen Hokanson

    2001 Presidential Awards:

    Library Personnel – Jeff Hixon
    New Professional – Heidi Dressler-Kelly

    2000 Presidential Awards:

    Library Personnel – Betty Cattrell
    Library Advocate – Robert W. Richmond
    New Professional – Rosalee Ann Pettle

    1999 Presidential Awards:

    New Professional – Michelle Rice
    Library Personnel – Freda Dobbins
    Library Advocate – Ellen Miller

    1998 Presidential Awards:

    Library Advocate – John & Susan Howell
    Library Personnel – Rowena Olsen

    1997 Presidential Awards:

    Library Personnel – Janet Anderson-Story
    Library Personnel – Ray Santee

    1996 Presidential Awards:

    New Professional – Patti Mersmann
    Distinguished Librarian – Bruce Flanders & Michael Piper
    Library Advocate – Barbara Wunsch

    1994 Presidential Awards:

    Library Personnel – Winnie Lichtenwalter
    Library Personnel – Louise Synder
    Non-Library Person – Charles Engel
    Non-Library Person – David Flask

    1992 Presidential Awards:

    Library Personnel – Patricia Gaunce

    1991 Presidential Awards:

    Non-library Persons – Julia and Ed Hobbs

    1989 Presidential Awards:

    Non-library Person – Judie Doll, editor of Hays Daily News

    1987 Presidential Awards:

    Distinguished Service Award – Duane Johnson

    1986 Presidential Awards:

    Public Service Citations to Governor John Carlin and State Senator Ross Doyen
    President’s Citation to Betty Kasey