Presidential Awards

    KLA Presidential Awards

    It is the goal of the KLA President’s Awards Committee to honor exemplary service to the Kansas library community and/or to librarianship in general by individuals and institutions.

    Please consider nominating a colleague or colleagues who you believe, have provided outstanding and/or exemplary service in our Kansas Libraries.

    Nominate your colleague for a 2019 KLA President’s Award!! 

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    2018 Presidential Awards: 

    Library Advocate – Dave Jones
    Library Personnel – Ramie Schulteis
    New Professional – Katherine Jones
    Meritorious Service – Jennifer Schroeder

    Best Small Public Library Award in Kansas: Ashland City Library

    2017 Presidential Awards:

    Library Advocate – Don Barry & Nancy Keith
    Library Personnel – Phylis Coomes
    New Professional – Jason Robb
    Meritorious Service – Harry Willems

    Best Small Public Library Award in Kansas: Cimarron City Public Library 

    2016 Presidential Awards:

    Library Advocates – Rep. Tom Sawyer and Rep. Don Hineman
    New Professional – Sara Dixon
    Library Personnel – Polli Kenn
    Meritorious Service – Chris Rippel

    Best Small Public Library Award in Kansas: Horton Public Library 

    2015 Presidential Awards:

    Library Advocate – Senator Pat Pettey
    New Professional – Lauren Hays
    Library Personnel – Rhonda Machlan
    Meritorious Service – Kathy Rippel

    Best Small Public Library Award in Kansas: Hesston Public Library 

    2014 Presidential Awards:

    Library Advocate – Richard Crowson
    New Professional – Savannah Ball
    Library Personnel – Julie Tomlianovich
    Meritorious Service – Jim Minges

    Best Small Public Library Award in Kansas: Wamego Public Library 

    2013 Presidential Awards:

    Library Advocate – Sue Blechl
    Library Personnel – Charlene McGuire
    Meritorious Service – Marquita Boehnke
    Meritorious Service – Roy Bird
    New Professional – Caleb May

    Best Small Public Library Award in Kansas: Kinsley Library 

    2012 Presidential Awards:

    Library Advocate – Dr. Marshall Havenhill
    Library Personnel – Kathleen Morgan
    Meritorious Service – Cindi Hickey
    Meritorious Service- Donna Lauffer
    New Professional – Kate Wise

    Best Small Public Library Award in Kansas: Garnett Public Library

    2011 Presidential Awards:

    Library Advocate – Senator Jean Kurtis Schodorf
    Library Personnel – Jaime Prothro
    Meritorious Service – Fred Atchison
    Meritorious Service- Laura DeBaun
    New Professional – Megan Schulz

    2010 Presidential Awards:

    Library Advocate – Wichita Mayor Carl Brewer
    Library Personnel – Marc Galbraith
    Meritorious Service – Cindy Roupe
    Meritorious Service – Lorie Hyten
    New Professional – Heather Braum

    2009 Presidential Awards:

    Library Advocate – Vicki Tiarht
    New Professional – Eric Gustafson
    Meritorious Service – Janet Fowler
    Library Personnel – Jean Hatfield

    2008 Presidential Awards:

    Library Advocate – Michael Byington
    New Professional – Andrew Evans
    Meritorious Service – Rosanne Siemens
    Meritorious Service – Wichita Public Library Staff
    Lifetime Achievement – Vikki Jo Stewart

    2007 Presidential Awards:

    Library Advocate – Craig Penzler
    Library Advocate Statewide – Representative Geraldine Flaharty
    New Professional – Royce Kitts
    Meritorious Conduct – Carol Nazar
    Lifetime Achievement – Jane Hatch
    Library Personnel – Wichita Public Library Staff

    2006 Presidential Awards:

    New Professional – Jaime Prothro
    Meritorious Service – Midge Jones
    Library Personnel – Barbara Dew

    2005 Presidential Awards:

    Library Advocate – Marge Zachora
    Meritorious Service – Denise Smith
    Library Personnel – Jim Minges

    2004 Presidential Awards:

    Library Advocate – Joe Rodriquez
    New Professional – Thomas Reddick
    Meritorious Service – Terry Sartoriour

    2003 Presidential Awards:

    Library Advocate – Lois Ruby
    New Professional – Kate Capps
    Meritorious Service – John and Susan Howell
    Meritorious Service – Edwin E. Francis
    Meritorious Service – Staff of Hutchinson Public Library and South Central Kansas Library System
    Library Personnel – John Stratton
    Library Personnel – Leroy Gattin

    2002 Presidential Awards:

    Library Advocate – Lt. Governor Gary Sherrer
    Library Personnel – Mona Carmack
    New Professional – Helen Hokanson

    2001 Presidential Awards:

    Library Personnel – Jeff Hixon
    New Professional – Heidi Dressler-Kelly

    2000 Presidential Awards:

    Library Personnel – Betty Cattrell
    Library Advocate – Robert W. Richmond
    New Professional – Rosalee Ann Pettle

    1999 Presidential Awards:

    New Professional – Michelle Rice
    Library Personnel – Freda Dobbins
    Library Advocate – Ellen Miller

    1998 Presidential Awards:

    Library Advocate – John & Susan Howell
    Library Personnel – Rowena Olsen

    1997 Presidential Awards:

    Library Personnel – Janet Anderson-Story
    Library Personnel – Ray Santee

    1996 Presidential Awards:

    New Professional – Patti Mersmann
    Distinguished Librarian – Bruce Flanders & Michael Piper
    Library Advocate – Barbara Wunsch

    1994 Presidential Awards:

    Library Personnel – Winnie Lichtenwalter
    Library Personnel – Louise Synder
    Non-Library Person – Charles Engel
    Non-Library Person – David Flask

    1992 Presidential Awards:

    Library Personnel – Patricia Gaunce

    1991 Presidential Awards:

    Non-library Persons – Julia and Ed Hobbs

    1989 Presidential Awards:

    Non-library Person – Judie Doll, editor of Hays Daily News

    1987 Presidential Awards:

    Distinguished Service Award – Duane Johnson

    1986 Presidential Awards:

    Public Service Citations to Governor John Carlin and State Senator Ross Doyen
    President’s Citation to Betty Kasey