Poster Session Information

    Do you have an idea or a program that you want to share with conference attendees? What are some innovative or exciting things that you would like to present to your colleagues? Then sign up to contribute your ideas and interact with your colleagues through the KLA 2019 Annual Conference Poster Session.

    The KLA 2019 Annual Conference poster session planning committee invites you to participate in the KLA 2019 Annual Conference Poster Session. The Poster Session is sponsored by the Emporia State University School of Library and Information Management.

    • Poster Session Proposal Submission due date:  Friday, August 16th
    • Poster Session Acceptance Notification: Friday, September 6th
    • Poster Session Set-Up Time: Thursday, October 24, before 11 am 
    • Poster Session Judging (Need to be present): Thursday, October 24, at 11:00 - 11:50 am
    • Poster Session Presentation: Thursday, October 24, from 1:30 - 2:55 pm
    For more information, contact:

    Kathie Buckman, Director of the Emporia MLS Program, ESU-SLIM | [email protected] or 620-341-5065 

    Terri Summey, Research and Instruction Librarian, Emporia State University Libraries and Archives | [email protected] or 620-341-5058

    Category I: Completed Research Projects

    • IA: Examining the interdisciplinarity of scholarly journals using a modernization of Al-Sabbagh's bibliometric framework: A Case Example of The Internet and Higher Education Journal
      • Presenters: Brady Lund, Ting Wang, and Beth Hendrickson
      • This poster presents a case example of Al-Sabbagh's bibliometric framework for the study of the interdisciplinarity of scholarly journals, using the example of a study conducted for The Internet and Higher Education. Discussion of how this method may be used by library researchers is included.
    • IB: Identifying Potential Biases in Library and Information Science Program Rankings
      • Presenters: Brady Lund and Ting Wang (Emporia State University SLIM)
      • This poster presents statistical analyses and methodological critiques that illustrate potential bias in LIS program rankings that disproportionately favor the research output and type of programs rather than factors that are more relevant to students, such a faculty-student ratio, cost of degree, and minority enrollment numbers.

    Category II: Professional Practice (Sharing professional projects)

    • IIA: Art without Walls
      • Presenter: Ruth Monnier (Pittsburg State University)
      • This poster session will discuss how a collaborative virtual art exhibit between the Art Department and Library Services showcased distance learners’ work. Learn what hurdles to jump and how to replicate its success at your own institution.
    • IIB: Aligning Kansas Libraries with ALA’s New Sustainability Value
      • Presenter: Arielle Vaverka (Manhattan Public Library)
      • How do we contextualize ALA's new value of sustainability? As a community resource that is ever-evolving to meet the needs of those we serve, it is essential that we grow in resilience to remain accessible despite the looming challenges of climate change.
    • IIC: Fables, Fairy Tales and the 398 Mess
      • Presenter: Lauren Taylor (Lawrence Public Library)
      • Fairytales have long been a problem in Dewey classification. Folktales, fairy tales and fables from all over the world must fit between decimal points of the 398's. Learn how Lawrence Public Library classifies the 398's and options for improving the collection's organization for patrons.
    • IID: How to Conduct a Policy Audit
      • Presenter: Andrew Smith (Emporia State University SLIM)
      • This poster outlines a straightforward method of conducting a policy audit to ensure a library has the policy necessary to provide excellent service, and that policies are up to date and able to support the innovation and expansion of library services within the community.
    • IIE: More than the Military: Exploring the Fold3 database
      • Presenter: Andrew Smith (Emporia State University SLIM)
      • Learn more about a new genealogy tool provided by the Kansas State Library. The Fold3 database contains both military and civilian records from the U.S. and across the world and offers multiple ways to search and browse the data for maximum data retrieval.
    • IIF: Set Theory: An Information Life Cycle
      • Presenter: Nicole Cusick (Emporia State University SLIM)
      • This poster models the life cycle of information as detailed by Greer and Grover (2013) for Set Theory.
    • IIG: Teens Are Stressed! Creating Library Safe Spaces and Self-Care Stations
      • Presenter: Sherri Crawford (Shawnee Mission North High School Library)
      • Teens are stressed! Create Safe Spaces and Self-Care Stations in your YA area or secondary school library, so teens feel more comfortable both physically and emotionally. Self-Care stations appeal to the 5 senses while providing coping and relaxation strategies. Preliminary research will be shared.
    • IIH: Using Instagram at Your Library
      • Presenter: Jake Waters (Basehor Public Library)
      • Laying out how you can make Instagram work to your advantage at your library.
    • III: Where I'm From: Using Creative Writing to Serve Teens with Multi-Faceted Identities
      • Presenter: Camille Abdel-Jawad (Emporia State University)
      • Who we are, and who we want to become, is rooted in where we’re from and where we’ve been. Through an adaptive guided poetry activity, originally composed and used by the Kansas Leadership Center (KLC), teens can explore their identity in their critical period of development through creative writing.

    Category III: Works in Progress

    • IIIA: Examining the information worlds of older adults, age 75+, in rural Kansas and implications for library programs and services
      • Presenter: Brady Lund
      • This poster will present the findings of a literature review of how older adults, age 75+, interact with information, including information sources, seeking, use, and barriers. A potential framework for further studying this population is presented. Implications of existing and anticipated findings for library programs and services will be discussed.
    • IIIB: The Use of Social Media by Archives for the Promotion of Their Collections.
      • Presenters: Laura Anderson, Olivia Banzet, Sophia Perkins, and Coryell Deege (Emporia State University SLIM)
      • This poster examines the existing literature on how archives utilize social media to promote their collections and programs. By using common social media platforms an archive can reach a broader audience and establish relationships with younger patrons.
    • IIIC: Women in Leadership – A Kansas Library Perspective
      • Presenters: Andrew Smith and Matt Walston (Emporia State University SLIM)
      • This project looks at the current state of leadership of Kansas libraries with regards to gender. The leaders of all the different types of libraries in Kansas are identified and the gender distribution information is contrasted with the gender composition of graduating cohorts of MLS students from SLIM.