Past Conferences

    Below is a list of KLA Past Conferences. To access handouts, click the Conference Header. Unfortunately, we do not have an archive of all handouts from every conference. We only have handouts from what has been submitted. 

    Past Conferences: 

    KLA / MPLA 2018 Joint Conference 

    Theme: Ad Astra...Together, from the Mountains to the Plains! 

    Joint Conference for the Kansas Library Association (KLA) and the Mountain Plains Library Association (MPLA)

    Opening Keynote: Patrick "P.C." Sweeney

    Closing Keynote: Marci Penner

    KLA 2017 Conference

    Theme: Libraries Transform Learning

    Joint Conference of the Kansas Library Association (KLA) and the Kansas Association of School Librarians (KASL)

    KLA 2016 Conference 

    Theme: Champions by Design

    Joint Conference of the Kansas Library Association (KLA) and the Kansas Association of School Librarians (KASL)

    KLA 2015 Conference

    Theme: Libraries Without Borders

    Opening Keynote: Peter Morville (author of Information Architecture for the World Wide Web...)

    Closing Keynote: William Ottens (creator of

    Joint Conference of the Kansas Library Association (KLA) and the Missouri LIbrary Association (MLA)

    KLA 2014 Conference 

    Theme: Out of the Stacks: Engaging Communities, Promoting Learning

    Opening Keynote: Karen Archer Perry

    Closing Keynote: Holly Hibner and Mary Kelly (Founder of the Awful Library Books)

    KLA 2013 Conference

    Theme: Together We Are Stronger! 

    Opening Keynote: Jeff Kober

    KLA 2012 Conference 

    Theme: I Geek Kansas Libraries! 

    Opening Keynote: R. David Lankes

    Closing Keynote: Larry Hatteberg

    KLA 2011 Conference

    Theme: Share the Vision

    Opening Keynote: Jamie Larue

    Closing Keynote: Tom Averill

    KLA 2010 Conference

    Opening Keynote: Tracie D. Hall

    Closing Keynote: Bill Barnes & Gene Ambaum

    KLA 2008 Conference

    Theme: Be the Change

    Opening Keynote: Stephanie Vance

    Closing Keynote: Don McMillian