Conference Committee

    KLA Conference Chair - Meagan Zampieri

    Meals Coordinator - Holly Mercer

    Sponsors/Vendors- Shanna Smith, Liz Dukelow (committee includes Jennifer Beckley, Kathie Buckman), Meagan Zampieri, George Seamon

    Program committee - Martha House, Janelle Mercer, Crystal Hutchinson

    Publicity - William Ottens, Bethanie O'Dell, Crystal Hutchinson, Martha House

    Webmaster - Bethanie O’Dell, George Seamon, & Harrison Woodyard

    Special Events Chair - Sara Schoenthaler

    KLAEF Basket Chair - Katherine Jones

    Room Host Coordinator - Molly Chenault

    Poster Session Coordinator - Terry Summey, Kathie Buckman

    Presidential Awards - Robin Newell 

    Past President- Laurel Litttrell

    Budget - George Seamon, Alice Evans, Diedre Lemon

    Hospitality & Registration - NWKLS

    Local Arrangements - Savannah Ball

    FOKL - Amy Brucker 

    KLA Conference 2020

    KLA Conference Logo

    How to Access Conference Recordings: 

    Step 1: Go to:
    Step 2: Click or hover over “Classrooms.” If you click on “Classrooms,” you will go to another page with a list of clickable classroom titles. If you hover over “Classrooms,” you will get a dropdown list of classrooms. Click on the classroom you want. [See image 1, below]

    Screenshot of the KLA Big Think website which instructs users to go to the Classroom option in the navigation menu
    Step 3: Once you have clicked on the classroom you want, you will go to another page that will ask for the password. Enter the password and you will be sent to the classroom page. (Note, to request the password, contact the KLA Executive Secretary)

    Step 4: Click on the folder to expand the description of the session. [See image 2, below] This is where you will find the blue “Session Recoding” link. Click on this link and the recording will open in another tab.

    Screenshot of the session list which shows a folder for users to click on to expand the description of the session.

    Conference recordings are for KLA Members only. If you are a member, and you do not have the password, please email [email protected] to request the password.

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