2019 KLA Pre-Conference

    KLA Pre-Conference will start off with Ryan Dowd, author of the Librarians Guide to Homelessness, Youth Librarian Bryce Kozla, and Melanie Borski-Howard, author of Weave a Tale. More information will follow!

    Ryan Dowd has spent most of his career as Executive Director of a large homeless shelter outside of Chicago, Illinois. In addition to running the shelter, Ryan trains libraries, nonprofits, police departments, hospitals and other organizations how to work compassionately manage problematic behavior from troubled individuals. His book, The Librarian’s Guide to Homelessness was published by the American Library Association. Ryan is a licensed attorney and has a Master’s of Public Administration. His interactive training is part “how to understand your homeless patrons” and part “how to work with difficult patrons.” It focuses on very practical tools you can use every day to resolve problems and prevent conflict (e.g. how to stand, what to say, what not to say, etc.). There is a special focus on patrons with mental health and substance abuse issues.

    Bryce Kozla was a disabled child who grew up to be a disabled Children's Librarian. Since 2016, Bryce has worked to dispel misconceptions about the disability community that can keep library staff and administrators from considering them as patrons and employees. Bryce runs a blog series on the disabled experience at http://BryceKozlaBlog.blogspot.com Kozla's session "Inspirations, Burdens, and Other Lies: The Disability Community in the Library" is a welcoming and accessible environment for people with disabilities is crucial to ensure that libraries are truly for everyone; however, the dominant societal narrative tells us lies about disability that can keep us from fully embracing and prioritizing people with disabilities in our work. This interactive preconference will invite participants to examine the dominant societal narrative around disability; consider how that can affect our work both at individual and organizational levels; and become empowered to advocate for the disability community in their library. Attendees will leave with a plan of action to inform their work.


    Content note: this pre-conference may be particularly challenging to engage with for staff who are disabled, or have a close friend or family member with a disability. 


    Weaving Connections through Storytime: Using music to bring literacy to life and make your storytimes shine with Melanie Borski-Howard
    Melanie is excited to present a two-part workshop sharing some of her 18+ years of storytime experience. In the first part, she will describe how she started doing Musical Storytimes and the impact it has had on her library and the children she reads to. The second part will be about filming storytime, copyright issues and some things she wished she would have known before she started filming. Melanie Borski-Howard has studied music, theater and received her Masters in English from Utah State University. She co-authored the book, Storytime and Beyond: Having Fun with Early Literacy (2018, Libraries Unlimited) and has presented at several conferences and recorded webinars through PCI Webinars. She is currently a Youth Services Librarian at Boulder Public Library in Boulder Colorado, where she has been doing storytimes since she started in 2002.  She does four-five storytimes a week and incorporates music into everyone. She also is currently in her second season of the local televised program, Read With Us