2019-2020 KLA Officers and Chairs

    2019-2020 KLA Council Roster

    Executive Committee (Voting)

    President Robin Newell (Emporia Public Library)
    1st Vice President Meagan Zampieri (Hays Public Library)
    2nd Vice President Holly Mercer (Southwest Kansas Library System)
    Past President Laurel Littrell (Kansas State University)
    Secretary (2018-2020) Bethanie O'Dell (Emporia State University)
    Treasurer (2017-2019) Diedre Lemon (Dodge City Public Library)
    Executive Secretary George Seamon (Northwest Kansas Library System)
    Parliamentarian (2018-2020) *Non-voting Dan Ireton (Kansas State University)

    Elected Representative Positions (Voting)

    ALA Councilor (2017-2020) Marie Pyko (Topeka & Shawnee County Library)
    Shana Smith (2017-2020) Shana Smith (Mulvane Public Library)


    Standing Committee Chairs (Voting)

    Annual Conference

    Charge: To drive the KLA 2020 Conference and Conference Planning

    Meagan Zampieri (Hays Public Library)

    Bylaws and Organizational Manual 

    Charge: To revise the bylaws as needed and create a KLA Conference Manual that can be used as a guide for future conferences

    Laurel Littrell (Kansas State University)


    Charge: To improve the KLA Budget process and develop fundraising processes for the KLA Conference

    Diedre Lemon (Dodge City Public Library)
    Governmental Affairs Laura DeBuan (Northeast Kansas Library System)


    Charge: To improve KLA Membership numbers, investigate KLA membership benefits and research a KLA fee structure that would work best for members and for merging with KASL

    Eve Wayman 


    Charge: To present awards to KLA members deserving of recognition

    George Seamon (Northwest Kansas Library System)

    Publications, Promotion, Publicity

    Charge: To strengthen KLA’s communication with its members and promote and publicize the KLA 2019 Conference

    William Ottens

    Strategic Planning Committee

    Charge: To drive the KLA Strategic Plan and make it work for the organization

    Laurel Littrell (Kansas State University)

    Presidential Awards - *Includes Best Small Public Library Award

    Charge: To present an award to the Best Small Public Library in Kansas

    George Seamon (Northwest Kansas Library System)


    Appointed Council Members (Voting)

    Archivist / Historian (Annual Appointment)

    Teresa Coble - Temporary Position (Kansas Historical Society) 


    Section Chairs (Voting)

    College and University Libraries (CULS) Barbara Stransky 
    Kansas Association of School Librarians (KASL) Martha House (Council Grove High School)
    Public Library Section (PLS)Erin  Erin Ferguson 
    Special Libraries Vacant Position

    Affiliated Council Members (Non-Voting)

    Friends of Kansas Libraries (FoKL) Judy Burgess 
    KLA Educational Foundation Mike McDonald (Northeast Kansas Library System)
    KLTA Barbara Bahm 
    Private Academic Libraries (PALS) Kathleen Flanagan
    Government Information Literacy & Civic Engagement Brian Gribben (Fort Hays State University)
    Youth Services Patty Collins (Great Bend Public Library)
    State Library of Kansas Eric Norris
    School of Library and Information Management (SLIM) Sandy Valenti (Emporia State University)
    KLA Webmaster Bethanie O'Dell (Emporia State University)