2018-2019 KLA Committees

    2018-2019 KLA Committee Members

    Nominating Committee Members

    George Seamon (Northwest Kansas Library System) KLA Past President
    Jeanette Parker College and University Library Section
    Carmaine Ternes Kansas Association of School Libraries
    Brandon Hines Public Library Section

    Annual Conference Committee Members

    Robin Newell (Emporia Public Library) Conference Chair / KLA 1st Vice President
    George Seamon, George and Sheila Blume, and Shanna Smith Sponsors, Exhibit and Vendors 
    Janelle Mercer, Martha House, and Robin Newell Conference Proposals and Schedule 
    William Ottens Conference Communication and Publicity
    Kathie Buckman and Terri Summey School of Library and Information Management Poster Session
    George Seamon and Alice Evans Hospitality and Registration
    Robin Newell Keynote Speaker Coordination
    Meagan Zampieri Meal Event Coordination
    Bethanie O'Dell Webmaster
    Janelle Mercer and Martha House Program
    Jennifer Beckley Local Arrangements
    Mckenzie Gulick Special Events
    Mike McDonald
    KLAEF Baskets

    Government Affairs Committee Members

    Laura DeBaun (Chair)
    George Seamon (Future Chair)
    Cindy Berner
    Roger Carswell
    Carol Barta 
    Eric Gustafson 
    Paul Hawkins
    Jeri Hopkins
    Linda Knupp
    Holly Mercer
    Eric Norris
    Gail Santy
    Diana Weaver
    Meagan Zampieri

    Membership Committee Members

    Betsy Fisher (Chair)
    Marie Pyko (American Library Association) 
    Shanna Smith (Mountain Plains Library Association) 
    Brandon West
    Craig Carlson
    George Seamon 

    Publication, Promotion, and Publicity Committee Members

    William Ottens (Chair)
    Morgan McCune 
    Martha House
    Angela Case
    Kate Wise (editor of Kansas Libraries Magazine)
    Donna Porter (editor of Kansas Libraries Magazine) 
    George Seamon (as Executive Secretary)
    Bethanie O'Dell (as Webmaster)

    Presidential Awards Committee Members

    George Seamon (as Past President)
    Elizabeth Trigg 
    Savannah Ball
    Crystal Hutchinson

    Bylaws and Handbook Committee Members

    Megan Zampieri (Chair)
    George Semon  
    Robin Newell

    Finance Committee Members

    Diana Weaver (Chair)
    George Seamon 
    Robin Newell 
    Carmen Orth-Alfie

    KLA Section officers

    College & University Libraries Section (CULS)
         Lauren Hays (President) 
         Barbara Stransky (1st Vice President)
         Teresa Mayginnes (2nd Vice President)
         Steven Gromatzky (Past President)
         Angela Beatie (Secretary / Treasurer)
         Nathan Elwood (Association of College and Research Libraries (ACRL) Representative)
         Dan Ireton (Parliamentarian)
    Kansas Association of School Libraries (offices change July 1)
         Martha House (President)
         Marla Wigton (Past President until July 1st)
         Tonya Foster (1st Vice President)
         Julie Doyen (2nd Vice President)
         Brenda Lemon (Treasurer until July 1st)
         Amanda Harrison (Treasurer after July 1st)
         Rachel Hodges (Secretary)
    Public Libraries Section (PLS)
         Maribeth Shafer (President)
         Erin Ferguson (Vice President)
         Vacant Position (Secretary / Treasurer)

    KLA Affiliated Organizations and COmmunities of Practice 

    Friends of Kansas Libraries (FoKL)
         Judy Burgess (President) 
         Cathy Newland (Vice President)
         Laura Carroll (Treasurer)
    KLA Educational Foundation
         Mike McDonald (President)
         Meagan Zampieri (Treasurer)
         Vacant Position (Vice President - Elections in Feb/March)
    Private Academic Libraries (PALS) *Section listed under CULS
         Kathleen Flanagan (Chair)
    Youth Services *Section listed under PLS
         Patty Collins (Chair)
    Kansas Library Trustees Association *Section listed under PLS
         Barbara Bahm