2014 Conference

    Below are handouts that were provided at the KLA 2014 Conference. All programs submitted were submitted by the presenter to be featured on the KLA website. 

    To access the handout, click the presentation title. The handout will open in a separate window. 


    Megan Bannen, Kelly Sime, and Johnson County Library. Guerrilla Storytime.

    Steven Bell. Customer Journey Mapping: A Tool to Understand Your Services and Processes, to Identify What’s Broken and to Re-Design for a Better Library Experience.

    Mary Boller and George Seamon. From Stand-Alone Library to Family Friendly Library. (Additional Handout)

    Deborah Bryan. The Numbers Don’t Lie. (Additional Handout)

    Jane Burton and Mary Boller. The Storywalk Project. (Additional Handout)

    Gloria Creed-Dikeogu. Learning through Partnership and Collaboration.

    Kona Errebo. Practical Policies.

    Mary Evans. It’s All Greek to Me! Getting to the [Root] of Common Core.

    Lauren Hays. Classroom Management and the Librarian. (Additional References)

    Jeff Hixon and Rhonda Machlan. State Library Overview.

    Gail Hughes and Summer Lunsway. Evernote – for EVERYone and EVERYthing.

    Johnson County Library and the Girl Scouts. It’s Your Story: Tell It! (Additional Handout)

    Morgan McCune. Disaster Planning: Knowing Your Risks is Just the First Step.

    Adrienne Olejnik. Connecting Your Community With Its Roots. (Additional Handout)

    Karen Archer Perry. Why Librarian Super Powers Could Save the World.

    Tracey Rickabaugh, Roin Hartpence, and Auburn Washburn School District. Elementary Book Clubs: Connecting Books to the Community.

    Gail Santy. Library Evaluations: Community Involvement, On-Going Improvement, Results!

    Sarah Schaeffer. Apps in the Classroom.

    Megan Schulz and Chris Rippel. Out of the Stats: Collecting Quality, Demonstrating Value.

    Ann Schuster and Meredith Nelson. Making a Space for Your Community.

    Carmaine Ternes. AASL Learning 4 Life Lesson Plan Database and Standards.