Urgent – Legislative Action Needed!

By , 03/11/2016

Hello Kansas Librarians,
On March 8th, a new piece of legislation, HB 2719 (http://www.kslegislature.org/li/b2015_16/measures/hb2719/ ), was introduced. This bill has major implications for the future of libraries in the state of Kansas and needs your immediate action.

The major purpose of this bill is to remove taxing authority from library boards and regional library systems. While this in itself is disturbing, the bill would also require a public vote on a yearly basis to decide whether or not to fund each of the 7 regional library systems. This would most likely mean the end of the regional library systems and the loss of statewide resource sharing.

This bill is set to have a hearing on Monday, March 14th, so there is no time to waste. Please contact your representative in the Kansas House and tell them the negative impact that this bill will have on your library. To assist you, the Governmental Affairs Committee has prepared talking points, which are attached to this email. They can also be found at:

If you do not know who your House representative is, you can find that information by your address at:

If your House representative is serving on the “Committee on Taxation,” it is especially important that he be contacted. You can find a list of the committee members at:

Finally, it is very important that your representative is contacted by the residents of your community. Please reach out to your community supporters, share the talking points, and encourage them to contact their representative this weekend. Your regional library system will be helping with this, so please work with them to determine the best strategy for your library.

Again, time is of the essence, since this bill goes to hearing this coming Monday. Please don’t hesitate to contact me or your regional library system if you have questions or would like further guidance.

Eric Gustafson
KLA Governmental Affairs

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