Urgent! HB 2719 moving forward

By , 03/17/2016

Hello Kansas Librarians,

We have just found out that HB 2719 is going to be worked in committee tomorrow at 8 am.

“HB2719 is going to be worked” means amendments may be offered and voted on before the bill is brought to a vote in committee. Those amendments could include removing the regional library systems from the bill, and changing bill language.

But it is urgently important that you reach out to those on the House Taxation Committee, especially if one is your representative, indicating the bill’s negative effects on libraries. That could help possible amendments pass if the committee hears from constituents.

Specifically, the negative impact on the regional library systems and also the potential danger to local library funding through the weakening of the language requiring cities to fund their libraries. They are changing the state statute from the “city shall levy a tax for the maintenance of the library ” to the “city may levy a tax for the maintenance of the library ”

Here’s the committee page where you can find the emails:

Time is of the essence! Please reach out as soon as possible!

Eric Gustafson
KLA Governmental Affairs

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