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Mountain Plains Library Association Leadership Institute

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By , 06/29/2011

Interested in a fantastic professional development opportunity?  Learn more about the MPLA Leadership Institute:

Dear colleagues,

We all know good professional development opportunities are hard to find. You read the session summary, you check out the presenter, you arrange for time to attend, you pay your registration fee, and you hope for the best. More often than not, the session ends up being not quite what you imagined, the presenter was having an off day, the attendees are so-so and you’d rather have had lunch alone. You get back to the office with a couple of handouts and ease back into the old routine. Not much has changed, but at least you got away from the office for awhile.

I want to make sure you are aware of an excellent professional development opportunity that was created just for you! The MPLA Leadership Institute was initiated in 2002 as a way of “growing” leaders for both MPLA and our member states. MPLA desired to help shape the future of libraries, and to fulfill its mission of “providing educational training and growth opportunities for all persons engaged in library activities in the region to enhance their skills and professionalism.” MPLA recognized the need to ensure that libraries in its member states were able to remain “competitive” with more populous areas of the country.

To date there have been seven MPLA Leadership Institutes, each with its distinct personality, thanks to the incredible mix of participants and mentors. It’s very likely that you know one or more of these folks (several of ‘them’ are receiving this email!), or at least know of them through their work or participation in MPLA or State Association activities. It’s also very likely that if you were to ask them about their experience with the Leadership Institute, they would tell you it was one of the top (if not the top) professional development experiences they have had. I’ll admit to being biased (having attended in 2002), but I don’t believe I’m exaggerating.

There is no denying that times are tough. Professional development (even excellent professional development) may seem like a luxury rather than a necessity. MPLA has worked to keep the costs down, but it does cost the Association to offer 30 participants an opportunity to work with a trainer of Maureen Sullivan’s caliber (not to mention President-elect of ALA!) at a decent place in a nice, MPLA-centralized location. Not to mention opportunities to share experiences with four outstanding MPLA mentors selected for their professional expertise and demonstrated leadership! We have recently received a generous sponsorship from Jerry Kline, founder of Innovative Interfaces and SkyRiver, which will provide core funding for the Leadership Institute going forward.

Good professional development opportunities are hard to find. But here at MPLA, we’re coming to you because we can all but guarantee a busy, reflective, social Leadership Institute professional development opportunity that will stay with you throughout your career. It will be challenging. Think of it as Library Leadership Boot Camp or Immersion; four long days of active participation – listening, discussing, reflecting – learning. If this is what you have been looking for, we just need you to do your part and apply.

For more information visit the MPLA Leadership Institute site. The application will be available online from July 1st to November 1st. The cost will be $550 for MPLA members, and $650 for state association members without a current MPLA membership.

Thank you and good luck!

Dan Stanton
MPLA Leadership Institute Committee


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