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KLA Executive Council Upcoming Meeting Dates (2017):

Executive Council Meetings will be held via Zoom every 3rd Tuesday of the month on Zoom.

The KLA Council as defined by the bylaws of the organizations.

(Approved by membership, August 10, 2014; ratified by KLA Council July 23, 2014)

Article VII. Council

Section 1. The Council shall consist of the elected officers and elected representatives to ALA and MPLA, the Past President, those persons chairing standing committees, sections, Round Tables, and appointed members. All members of Council shall be personal members of KLA.

Section 2. The minutes of Council meetings shall be distributed to the membership.

Section 3. A meeting of the Council may be called by the Executive Secretary, should the President not do so, when requested by five (5) members of Council, provided that fifteen (15) days notice is given to the members prior to the scheduled date of the meeting.

Section 4. The Council shall administer the business affairs of KLA and shall act on all matters by majority vote.

Section 5. All matters brought before the membership meeting of the Annual Conference shall be introduced at the Annual Conference Council meeting.

Section 6. Only the KLA Council may contract in the name of KLA.

Section 7. Action of the Council may be appealed at a regular membership meeting or at a called special membership meeting as provided in Article X, Section 5. A two-thirds vote of those present shall be required to reverse action of the Council, except that changes to the annual budget may be effected by majority vote.

Section 8. The Executive Committee shall consist of the President, First Vice President/President Elect, Second Vice President, Secretary, Past President, Treasurer and the Executive Secretary. The Executive Committee shall meet at the call of the President. The Executive Committee shall advise the President and Executive Secretary and shall act on all matters of KLA between Council meetings. All actions of the Executive Committee shall be ratified by the Council.

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