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2013 Conference Evaluation

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By , 10/14/2013

We would love to hear what you thought about this year’s conference.

Conference Evaluation

If you are looking for handouts (more to follow):

Presentation Handouts

See you next year!

Greetings from the President

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By , 08/21/2011

Hello Everyone!
I thought I would take some time this morning and fill everyone in on how things are going with the Kansas Library Association.

One of the most significant changes has been the addition of our new Executive Secretary Lisa Beebe. Lisa has been in the office for about a month now and has been getting up to speed on the workings of our organization. If you have questions about your membership Lisa is the person to contact. Here email is:
Lisa will be working with our Treasurer Candis Hemel, Cimarron City Library, to track KLA finances and to keep us on budget for the upcoming year. We are happy to report that finances are in good shape and we are fiscally prepared for the year ahead.

Advocacy is an important issue for KLA members and nonmembers in the Kansas Library community. We take advocacy very serious and are fortunate that we able to have the services of our Legislative Liaison Jennie Rose. Jennie has been an asset in keeping us informed about upcoming issues in the Kansas Legislature. Jennie also works with our Governmental Affairs Committee to work on strategies and things to look out for in the upcoming legislative sessions.

Speaking of the Governmental Affairs Committee. We are happy to have our new Committee Chair Gail Santy, from CKLS, working with this group. When members give us feedback on the work of our organization, the ability of our organization to advocate for libraries as a group is one of our member’s top priorities. I have known Gail for a few years now and her enthusiasm for Kansas Libraries and libraries in general is something that will be beneficial to our association this upcoming year.

Next to Advocacy the biggest draw for members in our association is our annual conference. Surveys from the past three conferences show that approximately 96% of those people who attend conference find the experience valuable enough to attend again. This year we have as our Conference Planner Mickey Coalwell, from NEKLS and current Vice President, working on our upcoming conference April 11-13, 2012 in Wichita, KS. Mickey has already begun putting a team in place to conquer the workload that goes along with putting a conference together. Mickey is working closely with current 2nd Vice President Cathy Reeves, from Dodge City Public Library, and myself to insure that this conference will be the best one so far.

Conference planning is something the association takes seriously and this year the KLA Council voted to reinstall the Futures Committee to work on the pre-planning elements that are essential to future conferences. Past President Emily Sitz, from SWKLS, is the Chair of this committee and has been working on future locations and times for our conference. Having worked with three conferences since becoming an officer of KLA, Emily is exactly the person we would want to take on this challenge.

I say challenge because conference planning involves years of planning before the event even starts. Conference typically takes place in the first or second week of April, but in 2013 the conference will be taking place in the Fall. This change was not made lightly. There was much discussion amongst the Executive Committee and the KLA Council about this change, and it is our collective agreement that this will be an adjustment that will be beneficial to our members and the Association.

One of my goals for the Association this upcoming year is to enhance and improve the communications. With the help of our Secretary Cindi Hickey, State Library of Kansas, we hope to facilitate meetings that make it easier and more cost affective for our Council members to attend meetings and make the decisions that move our organization forward.

Communication in our organization is enhanced by the collective work of a number of people. First and foremost is Sharon Moreland, from NEKLS, who is the person who makes our website an asset for members and nonmembers. Sharon was instrumental in migrating the KLA website to a WordPress based site that can be updated quickly and more often.

This year we also have a new Publications and Promotions chair. Gregg Winsor, from Johnson County Libraries, has been working closely with our new Membership Chair Kim Fenton, also from Johnson County Libraries. When you combine the efforts of these two fine librarians with that of Newsletter Editor Ericka Brunson, Manhattan Public Library, you have a team that is prepared to do some great work.

There are many groups and individuals in the Kansas Library Association and in the Kansas Library community that make it fun to be a librarian in Kansas. I hope that you will consider being a member of our organization. More information on joining can be found at:

I look forward to the year ahead and serving you as President.

Royce Kitts
Kansas Library Association

KLA Membership Meeting

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By , 03/02/2011

Did you happen to miss yesterday’s Informational meeting?

Well, it was archived!  Visit this link to catch up:


A message from KLA President, Emily Sitz, about joint ALA-KLA memberships!

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By , 08/31/2010


On behalf of our Membership Committee Chair Ken Werne, I would like to call your attention to the two joint membership programs in which KLA is participating. Students can join ALA and KLA for $35. Support staff can join ALA and KLA for $65.

ALA administers the program although the membership fees are evenly split between ALA and KLA. Individuals join through ALA and then ALA sends KLA a monthly roster of new members and a check. It really is a great deal for our members and for our organization. Our brochures are available for downloading at

Please help spread the work through your sections and roundtables, committees, etc!

Thanks, Emily

Ken Werne, Membership Chair

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