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By , 02/01/2012

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Email: kansaslibraryassociation (at) yahoo (dot) com

Kansas Library Association
Northwest Kansas Library System
2 Washington Sq.
Norton, KS 67654

Phone: (785) 877-5148

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  1. Cathy McMahon says:

    I am looking for the dates for the KLA 2016 annual conference? do you have those determined yet?
    Thank you,

  2. Good Afternoon –
    You’ve had a tough week in just two short days – I appreciate your diligence and commitment to the future of libraries. I contacted each member of the Taxation Committee via email and by phone yesterday, and I reached out to my local state rep, just in case HB 2719 hits the floor.

    I’m not sure if you are aware of EveryLibrary, and I really think you should be. It is a non-profit organization designed to help libraries move forward – finding funding, generating conversations and advancing our mission. We are working with them right now since we failed two consecutive bond issue votes and I’m very impressed with their work.

    Kansas is facing a legislative initiative that has the potential to discredit, defund and devalue the work that we do – as the director of the first district library in Kansas, I’m deeply concerned. I know that EveryLibrary has made an impact on similar issues in Nebraska (LB 969) and Michigan (SB 571). I would really appreciate it if you could just look at what they’ve done and consider contacting them for assistance. Our contact has been John Chrastka who is incredibly knowledgeable and passionate about libraries. In working with him, there is no turf war – EveryLibrary is an excellent partner that supports and empowers without taking ownership.

    Kansas librarians have never faced the issue we are facing now – it is critical that we get all of the help we can because we cannot afford to fail. The stakes have never been this high.

  3. Yumi Ohira says:

    I would like to know whether I still have a KLA membership. Because I think I am still a KLA member, but I’m not allowed to login KLA online to register the CULS conference. My proposal to a presentation at the conference has been accepted. I will deliver a presentation with Deb White, the Digital Librarian at the Pittsburgh State University, KS. Please assist me in this matter. Thank you for your time. Yumi

  4. Heather Braum says:

    Yumi, I just sent you an email about your question. -Heather Braum, KLA Web Admin

  5. Heather Braum says:

    Cathy, the conference is October 19-21 in Wichita. More information will be put on the KLA website in the next week. -Heather Braum, KLA Web Admin.

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