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CULS-L - is a mailing list for members of the College and Universities Libraries Section of the Kansas Library Association. Although the list is designed to serve the membership of CULS, others are welcome to join if they wish to keep abreast of the activities of our organization and academic libraries in Kansas.



CULS sponsors a Two-day fall conference each year and one or more program meetings at the Tri-Conference each spring.

CULS was organized at the 1942 Annual Conference and affiliated with KLA in 1948. First called Round Table, it became College and Reference Section, College and Research Section, and beginning in 1968, College and University Libraries Section.

New Issue of CULS Proceedings

The newest issue of the peer-reviewed CULS Proceedings, volume 4, issue 2 is now available at the link below:

A big thank you to Caleb Puckett, our CULS Proceedings Editor and all the peer-reviewers who so graciously spent their time reviewing article submissions.