KLA Council April 1, 2009
Century II - Wichita, KS

Attendees: Laura Loveless, President., Denise Smith, Vice-Chair and Event Chair, Rosanne Siemens, Marie Pyko, Donna Lauffer, Royce Kitts, Christie Brandau, Marc Galbraith, Diana Weaver, Mickey Coalwell, Andrew Evans, Cynthia Akers, Margaret Knecht, Steven Gramatsky, Mary Ann Buhler, Emily Sitz, Richard Brookman, Dalene Hawthorne, Susan Taylor, Cynthia Burner Harris, Jane Hatch, Sue Blechl, Carol Levers, John Flowers (Guest)

Meeting was called to order at 3:45 p.m.

Laura welcomed everyone attending.
There were no changes to the Consent Agenda – Approved on a Motion: Donna Lauffer, 2nd Emily Sitz, motion carried.

Presidents Report – not in print, passing the baton to Denise and Laura promises not to resign as past president. Everyone talks about being part of Council, but it’s an entirely different thing to see a name on the ballot. Laura will work with Cynthia on the nominating committee and will bring in new blood. We have made difficult decisions, but are moving in the right direction. Laura appreciates the time and effort put in this year and wants to continue to work on the Web page, including a members only readers advisory page. As with any dynamic organization, changes will occur.

Conference Update with Denise – Denise has had fun learning with the intricacies of conference planning and would like to hear the positive (and negative). Denise will assist Emily next year with planning. The registration and Expo hall changes are new this year – ‘we are trying’. Only able to move forward with thoughtful comments and ‘how we can do this differently’ comments. Laura thanked Cynthia Berner Harris WPL – outstanding job of putting together stuff for people to do. Poster event is AM, not PM. (spread the word) – during exhibitors breakfast. Rob Banks worked on program. Laura thanked the organizations who let staff work on conference.

Dues structure task force committee – At the last meeting this was presented for review.
1. Affiniscape may do #1 without a charge – Laura DeBaun, Denise, Marie and Rosanne and Cynthia and Carolyn Little
2. Change the benefit list
3. Change anniversary to join – roll-over date – 12 month cycle and get auto renewal notice 1 month prior to expiration. Committee looked at how this change would effect operations of KLA.
4. Trustees June 1 – May 30, which aligns with Board appointments – membership coincides with the term
a. Laura Loveless reviewed the schedule changes, as a review. Goal is to have one or two Board members from each library with a KLA membership, rather than full Board. Hope is to have membership from across the state to help with advocacy.
5. Institutional membership scale reduced, also. New categories: regional systems, academic libraries, and $50 business membership. Since last year, vendors are given memberships as part of sponsoring Conference. Dues to be looked at periodically. Business members also help create a database of possible sponsors. (Farm Bureau, other non-book vendors, but need a starting point.) John Flowers a guest to Council from KLTA stated as far as KLTA is concerned, they abide by what the committee put together and look forward to increased revenues and greater library participation.
Diana Weaver Moved, Carol Levers 2nd, Motion carried

Director Liability quote and policy – Laura L. reviewed the responsibilities and liabilities the Board of KLA takes on, as discussed by the attorney. $1 M policy, in the event KLA is sued, for $841/annual premium and put into the proposed budget. The policy is to our advantage – example, money to recruit and post for a new Exec Director in case of emergency. A question of the 990 pertains to liability insurance, so we can answer YES to that question. Mary Ann, moved and Royce 2nd – motion carries

Rosanne will address specific question about coverage at the July Council meeting.

Exec Director changes. Several steps needed for KLA to employ its own Executive Director and move away from NEKLS contract by June 30, 2009. Rosanne sought health insurance quotes. $9,000 high estimate in the budget for insurance. Rosanne will get additional quote from Blue Cross, right now the Humana quote looks good for a single policy coverage. A comparison sheet was distributed electronically. 401 K, still investigating, this would replace KPERS. Workman’s comp insurance quote sought for 2 positions at KLA office and put into the proposed budget.

Need to take action on charging the Executive Committee to make final decisions. Decisions need to be made prior to next (July) Council meeting, which can be ratified at July meeting. Andrew asked about the Exec Dir position job description, should the position be a under a contractual arrangement. Unless you have a unique position, the IRS does not want you to have a contract. Rosanne will speak to the KLA attorney and accountant. Exec Committee will act accordingly.

Marie Pyko and Budget – “line by line discussion”
Where we are currently: Remarkable increase in individual dues.
• Based on contract with MPLA, had to have a separate account for conference. Profit of conference would show up in KLA operations budget. In 2010, that is not the case. Conference brought back into the budget.
• Conference – income registration, vendors, sponsors and carryover from 2008 conf. funds that came in after July 1. More line items for both income and expenses. YTD data and past data information is on the proposed budget. Finance Committee took into account the economic situation in the future.
• Personnel/Exec Director – Salary decrease and associated decreases in payroll taxes. Other benefit changes and fewer vacation days. Reduced the benefits liability. Workers Comp included, too. Policy change in Holiday days to coincide with Topeka’s policies and closed days. One holiday day added during birthday month.
• Marie feels our projections are reasoned and pulled from historical data. An informed budget. Laura noted that dues came in post Feb. 29 with conference registration. Affiniscape kept people honest – no member registration without being a member.
• Health care costs are high, but not as high as was budgeted this year or in past years.
• Rosanne will align the budget with QuickBooks, so the groupings in the final budget may look different going into the 2009-10 year.

Motion – Cynthia Akers, Steven 2nd Discussion – Susan Moyer: Foundation impacted and foundation Board has not met to discuss requests to 0 out CE funds – income line of $4,000 and CE grants and scholarships of $0. Treasurer and Scholarship activities would move under the KLAEF Board, on the advice of the Accountant in Fall of 2008. Several questions were asked that Marie addressed. Motion from the Finance Committee to approve the proposed budget and associated policy changes. Motion carries. Laura commends Marie on the budget, especially in these economic times. Many thanks to Marie Pyko for work as Treasurer and Chair of the KLA Finance Committee.

Election Results

2nd VP: Royce Kits
Treasurer: Cynthia Burner Harris
Nominating Committee: Melia Erin Fitch, Jeff Imprato, Tyler Williams
Mickey Coalwell – MPLA Rep

President Award Winners:
Library Advocate – Vikki Tiahrt
Library Professional - Eric Gustafson
Janet Fowler
Meritorius - Jean Hatfield
Cynthia Akers reported only 4 nomination, but that all were qualified. Cynthia thanked Denise Smith and Andrew Evans for being on the committee.
Awards Banquet – 1st year for a formal banquet; Denise takes great pride in the banquet and thinks it will be a special event. They will have time to speak. Education Foundation moved their event to accommodate this event. We hope this will become a tradition.

Sue Blechl, FoKL, honored Jane Hatch as the newest recipient of the Dwayne Johnson Award.

Set future meeting dates: June 23 KLA Attorney Workshop for incoming KLA Officers and Council members. This is an orientation of roles and responsibilities.

Denise will be in touch with dates for KLA Council meetings and locations for 2009-10.

Laura has 2 things:
Leadership Institute – Laura recommends being on taskforce as past president.
Jane Hatch moved, Emily 2nd, motion carries

2010 Conference in Wichita
2011 in Topeka
2012 – where? Need to get contracts going. Donna Lauffer spoke with Overland Park, they have new management and they contacted KLA. Another idea would be Bartell Hall. Need to pursue contracts. Missouri is a fall conference. If meet in Overland Park, we should invite MLA libraries to attend.

Laura Loveless will be at the keynote speaker at the PLS Fall Retreat and will speak on her tenure as past president, announced Sharon Moreland

Meeting adjourned at 5 p.m.

Minutes taken by Sharon Moreland